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Partnering with parents to guide kids toward a HEART for God is our drive in this ministry.

        Partnering with parents

  • Parents are designed to be and usually are the primary influence in a child’s spiritual formation. Therefore…
  • If we are not intentionally partnering with them, then most of what we do is fairly irrelevant in the spiritual life of the child.
  • It doesn’t matter what model you gravitate toward (traditional children’s ministry, or whatever) Children ministry is a family ministry, and we can forge effective partnerships in any model. The best model is more about the environment and leadership of the church.
    To Guide Kids
  • In the end, both parents and those of us in the church are guidian. Of course, we need to do all we can to influence children in their faith – and what we do (or don’t do) most definitely influences them – but all of us have a free will to choose, and one day all of us do.
    Toward A HEART For God
    Ultimately, spiritual formation is about the heart. This is why:
  • It is mentioned hundreds of times and in many different contexts throughout scripture (it’s a great study to do for your devotions.( here’s a list of everywhere it’s mentioned)
  • We are told: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.’ Proverbs 4:23
  • The “heart” (in scripture) generally encompasses our thinking, our will and our emotions.
  • We want the hearts of our kids to lean toward God in all areas of their life so that everything they do is influenced “towards God.”The children are helped to develop among others the right values and virtues; love, excellence, righteousness, responsibility & accountability, all of which together help our children to discover their identity and potentials and go forward to maximize those potentials in Jesus Christ.
  • Different resources and tools are deployed in imparting and impacting the children. Depending on their age groups, Bible lessons are taught in group settings through Sunday school, story-telling, songs, quizzes, and other age-appropriate fun activities.
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Together we can make a remarkable and long-lasting difference in the world